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Pass: warbirds

Server offers the possibility of creating squadrons. Squadron affiliation is visible both on-line and in the scorepages.

Squadrons need to be created on-line using the commands listed below.

 If you would also want to add a link to your squadron home page to the list on the right, then please e-mail the squadron name and web page address to: You can also include an image to have it displayed as the squadron logo in the scorepages, like this. When a pilot belonging to a squad shoots down a plane, or captures a field, the radio displays his nick, together with a squadron name suffix, for example:

Field f4 is captured by Arttii from 302nd POLISH SQ -Poznanski-

Swanca killed by Steryd from 302nd POLISH SQ -Poznanski-

Warbırds server squadron web page

Eagle[TURK] Virtual Combat Squadron


302nd POLISH SQ -Poznanski-


Turkish Gold Raiders


Virtual Czech Air Force


Lentolaivue 34


No. 313 Czechoslovak Fighter Squadron


Regia Aeronautica


Jambock 1st Brazilian Squad


Kampfgeschwader 53 "Legion Condor"


27º E.V.C. Falcões da Noite


LuftGangsta (=LG=)



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