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Pass: warbirds

Welcome to the IL-2 WarBirds FreeHost Commands.

  • <field fieldName - displays information about chosen field

The response contains a lot of important information. The first line has the following format:
fieldNumber("f2") fieldArmy("Red") fieldStatus("OPEN") :: targetsInformation :: captureInformation
targetsInformation = obj liveTargets("14")/maximumTargetsToClose("1")/allTargets("14")
liveTargets - the number of currently active (not destroyed) targets on the chosen field
maximumTargetsToClose - the number of live targets, that can remain on a field when it 'closes' (Fields 'close' when 90% of all targets are destroyed, so 10% can still remain active. This value shows the exact number.)
allTargets - the total number of targets on the chosen field
captureInformation = troops deliveredTroops("0")/requiredTroops("12") :: cap capturePossible ("true")
deliveredTroops - the number of troops dropped on the field after it has 'closed'
requiredTroops - the number of troops required to capture the field
capturePossible - shows whether the field can be captured (Fields that have just been captured and are still 'closed' can not be re-captured. They need to 'open' first.)

The following three lines provide more detailed information about which targets are destroyed on the chosen field.
The format is:
targetType("AAA") [destroyedTargets("4")/activeTargets("0")] : targetName("Twin25mm_JA")/reupTime("1227") | ...
targetType - the type of target, possible values are AAA, BUild (buildings like hangar, radar, warehouse), Other (like: fuel, static aircraft)
destroyedTargets - the number of destroyed targets of this type
activeTargets - the number of active targets of this type
targetName - the name of the destroyed target
reupTime - the number of seconds after which the destroyed target will become active again ('reup')

The response of the <field fxx command is different if the field is a CV:

CVNumber("CV-2") CVArmy("Blue") CVStatus("OPEN") :: cap true :: CVType("HMSFormidableCV") :: Ships in order escortShips("4")

("Damage:") crucialDamage("[50]") minorDamage("20")

CVStatus - in practice this is always "OPEN", a destroyed CV 'reups' back in port immediately
CVType - the type of ship
escortShips - the number of escort ships in CV group
crucialDamage - the value of damage in percent done to crucial parts of CV, this needs to reach 100% to sink the ship
minorDamage - the value in percent done to other parts of CV. This indicates damage done to the ship (e.g. amount of destroyed AAA) but this does not sink the ship.

All CV's start receiving damage only after all escort ships have been destroyed. Attacking CV's with escort ships present will not accumulate damage to the CV.


  • <squad - squadron management,
When a pilot belonging to a squad shoots down a plane, or captures a field, the radio displays his nick, together with a squadron name suffix, for example:
Field f4 is captured by Arttii from 302nd POLISH SQ -Poznanski-
Swanca killed by Steryd from 302nd POLISH SQ -Poznanski-

Squads can be created in-game by typing commands in radio:
<squad create newSquadronName - create a new squadron
<squad invite playerNick - invite player to join the squadron
<squad join - join the squadron (after receiving an invite)
<squad remove playerNick - remove player from the squadron
<squad withdraw - leave the squadron
<squad info squadronName - display information about a squadron
<squad name newSquadronName - change the squadron name

Only the player who created his squadron (Squadron Leader) can invite other players to join. He sends invitations using the <squad invite command. Players receiving the invitation need to accept by typing the <squad join command.
Only the Squadron Leader can remove players from the squadron.

A squadron must have at least two members to be visible on-line and in scores.


  • >tod - shows the current in-game date and time

Time Of Day - Numeric value representing the current time (hour) of day. Day start and end values depend on map settings.

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