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Pass: warbirds

Welcome to the IL-2 WarBirds FreeHost Server Rules and Guidelines page.

Players are advised to read the rules and follow them as ignorance of the rules will not be considered as an excuse for violation. So please read this entire page before playing on the server or using Teamspeak3.

These rules are very basic. Mostly common sense. Their focus is on making sure everyone has an enjoyable time. One rule of thumb will always suffice for any situation not outlined specifically above:

Always treat other people exactly the way you want to be treated. Never do anything on the server you wouldn't want to see or have done to you.

These 2 sentences should cover most situations.
If any player has any further queries or questions please email

1] Foul Language
Foul Langauge will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This includes all cussing and swearing as well as lewd and insulting comments, vulgarity and derogartory remarks. If players can't conduct themselves in a responsible manner then they are not welcome to fly here. This applies to both the the ingame chat-bar and the Teamspeak3 Server.

 2] Disrespect
Being disrepectful or discourteuos to other players will not be tolerated. Closely related to the above rule; any player who acts in a manner contrary to this will be kicked. No name calling, slandering or insulting other players.

 3] Teamkills
Teamkilling is a bannable offence. With either limited icons or no icons increased care must be taken to ensure that freindly fire accidents are kept to an absolute minimum. Anybody intentionally killing a team mate will be banned from the server indefinately.

 4] Kill stealing and Shoulder Shooting
Shooting "over the shoulder" of a friendly plane and "kill - stealing" are not permitted. This is obviously a grey area in the rules, however, given the emphasis on courtesy, respect and good will in the above rules - this will be enforced.

 5] Chat, in-game and TS
Discussing flight models, damage models, speculating on patches and general chatter unrelated to the game is not permitted either on comms or in the chat bar. The in-game chat bar is to be kept free for server messages, command lines, calling for help and organizing teamplay/support.

 6] Take-off and Landings
Players are to use the taxiways and runways to get airborne and land. Where possible the runway directions may be included in the briefing, however under NO circumstances are players to take-off (or land) accross the runways or on the spawn points. Players seen risking other peoples lives will be warned about this once only.

 7] Cheating DeathKick
Players caught cheating the DeathKick by means of either:
a) disconnecting from the server to avoid a death
b) altering their player names so as to avoid waiting the 3 minute deathban

will be warned and removed from the server on a repeat offence.

 8] Vulching
Vulching is allowed. You are allowed to vulch with all weapons - guns, cannons, rockets and bombs. If you don't want to be vulched; switch bases, ask if the base is clear before spawning or landing, protect your wingmen and team mates.

 9] Shooting parachutes and/or killing pilots hanging in their chutes.
Deliberate shooting of parachutes and/or the pilot hanging in the chute, is not permitted. In order to give players who join the WarBirds server an enjoyable time and to emphasise on courtesy, respect and good will anyone offending this rule will be banned from the server indefinately. Remote judgement of offenders on this rule can only be taken into consideration when evidence is presented to an admin by PM or e-mail.
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