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IP: ts.war-birds.com:9988
Pass: warbirds

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   Working off the theme of World War II combat, you can pilot fighters or bombers from one of two sides, Axis or Allies!
This is the most unique IL-2 server available. The entire gameplay is based on an old WarBirds flight sim made by iEN.
The game of WarBirds lives on, but we decided that the current releases do not give it justice. That is why we created this server using the IL-2 1946 platform. If you feel that there is something missing in all the dogfight servers available, if you're looking for teamplay and cooperation, strategy, the element of surprise, then this might just be the server for you!
Join us in tactical battles for air superiority and territory domination.

If you have any questions, problems, suggestions do not hesitate to contact us either by using the Forum

Written by Bizarre   
04 November 2015, 14:43:11
After months of brake, we gathered up once more. Conclusion is simple, there is no other sim close to our WarBird's gamplay.

Right now we have the server up on HyperLobby, but it isn't final release ;P

We are working on:
- one click simple install
- new hardware for scoring system
- new mod/patch for the server, and client
- few changes in web-page

Latest news: 10.12.2015
- we work on scoring system
- accommodating maps to UP
- changing a bit rps


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onlıne players

Five of Aces


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