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IP: ts.war-birds.com:9988
Pass: warbirds

   Working off the theme of World War II combat, you can pilot fighters or bombers from one of two sides, Axis or Allies!
This is the most unique IL-2 server available. The entire gameplay is based on an old WarBirds flight sim made by iEN.
The game of WarBirds lives on, but we decided that the current releases do not give it justice. That is why we created this server using the IL-2 1946 platform. If you feel that there is something missing in all the dogfight servers available, if you're looking for teamplay and cooperation, strategy, the element of surprise, then this might just be the server for you!
Join us in tactical battles for air superiority and territory domination.

If you have any questions, problems, suggestions do not hesitate to contact us either by using the Forum.


Hi everyone,.

We've been quiet for a while because we were trying to get to grip with what's next. After a lot of thinking and probing the communities and our own abilities we have come to a conclusion to end the development of our server. It's a sad time for us, but as time goes by the IL-2 community is getting smaller and smaller and a lot less dynamic. We feel that there is little improvement in this regard ahead and not enough incentive to commit our personal time to the maintenance and development of our mod. Our own team has fallen apart a little bit, each following their own path in online gaming. You can find some of us in War Thunder and that is the place where we will probably try to reassemble. We will try to keep the web page and forum running as long as is feasible. Thanks to all of you who spent time on our server, for all of the kind words of encouragement and the courses and complaints We have once moved on from original WarBirds FreeHost, although none of us thought that would happen. Now it's time to move on from IL-2 WarBirds FreeHost. Thank you all and we'll meet again somewhere I'm sure, like we met a lot of original WarBirds players in our sky.

WarBirds FreeHost Version 3.33 release
Written by -al--  
05 Feb 2014, 01:06:05


Nice pretty number IL-2 WbFH Mod 3.33 and some nice (I hope!) changes in this version :) Please download the new client, it will be live sometime tomorrow. We don't want to kick you out of the server now to update it ;) - squad functionality is back To read more about it go to Server Command Page  and scroll down a bit. You will see a list of available squad commands with explanation. After you join or leave.....

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New mod with Jeep is almost here, we need your help
Written by swanca   
05 Jan 2014, 02:00:23
Hi everyone!

A new version of our mod will be coming soon, with Jeep :) Jeep will have 20mm, 25mm, 40mm or 88mm selectable armament and an autofiring gunner with option to control him manually. ..

Jeep Mod

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Written by -al---   
04 September 2013, 01:55:12
Hi guys,

I've finished (I hope!  ) working on the new separate fighters and bombers score. Don't expect any visual or graphic changes, it still looks pretty much the same  but there are a few important changes, and I'll just list them here to prepare you for what's coming (will activate the new system in a few days).

- Each sortie you make will either be a fighter or bomber sortie, depending on the plane you fly. This is 100% customisable by us, so we can select which planes should count as bombers, and which planes should count as fighters. For example a Beaufighter sortie will go as a fighter (no matter what load), but take a IL-2 or Ju-87 and it will be a bomber sortie.

- All your statistics will be divided into fighter and bomber statistics. You will also have the option to see your combined (fighter + bomber) statistics. One very important thing here is: streaks are now separate. If you die in a bomber it will NOT delete your fighter streak. Also if you kill someone while flying a bomber, this will increase your bomber air streak, but will not change your fighter streak. Both fighters and bombers still have air and ground streaks and you still get extra points for kills with higher streak...

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IL-2 Game Version:
4.12.2 + HSFX 7.1

War-Birds Mod Version:

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onlıne players

Five of Aces


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